Hugh Reynolds presented on November 8th.
Hugh Reynolds planned a trip by cruise ship to Great Britain, and that included a visit to ports in Scotland. Seeing that he would be near Edinburgh, and that Midlothian County was close by, he decided it would be fun to check out the area. He'd heard of our Zoom with the Penicuik, Midlothian, Scotland Rotary Club a year and a half ago so we made long distance introductions to David McDonald and his Rotary Club for Hugh. He carried greetings from our Rotary Club and from the City of Midlothian. 
He struggled through a Sir Walter Scott book "The Heart of Mid-Lothian" as a part of his preparation. You can see that slide in the top picture. 
He brought back pictures of the area, speculation as to why the engineer who named our town might have been reminded of his home, and a new awareness of many Scot symbols that have quietly worked their way into the official symbols of our police and fire departments. 
Thanks, Hugh, for your presentation! You should join us!
As is our practice, we contributed a children's book to the library of an elementary school in the MISD. Looks appropriate. After all, so many engineering and inventive elements came from Scots.