Midlothian Rotarians and spouses gathered at the Cassaro Winery for fellowship, Italian food and wine on Tuesday evening, January 30th, as our alternate program for 5th Tuesdays. 
We brought the bell along, so Don rang to get our attention about 5:45, and asked Rodney Johnson to lead us in an invocation and blessing of our meal. Don thanked Chester Juroska for doing Meals on Wheels earlier.  Then we went through the line, and enjoyed visiting further with other members. 
I took a few pictures of the event. The weather was perfect - we could’ve met on the porch outside in back - but there was enough room for us inside. Those who wished to have wine could sample, then have a glass, and water was available.
The event started winding down a little after 7:00, and we had some leftover food that Laura took to a Midlothian Fire Station