Rick shown with President Don after the program and our traditional book signing.
Rick talked about what the mission is of this mission. Housing can be a real problem, with 2 income families almost required to pay mortgages. They will be housing their offices at The Heights, the hub for some non-profits helping those who can’t really help themselves. They are not there for long term help nor for those street corner bums. These are often employed but just not making enough money to have shelter. Many live in their vehicles. They provide non perishable foods so there will be something to eat. The MIdlothian Lions Club contributed some money left over from a project for needs of the homeless through ECHC. Owens Corning in Waxahachie donated some personal hygiene items in plastic bags to give to these homeless. Someone in town took some of their credit card points and bought a lot of small gift cards for places to eat like Whataburger, McDonalds, etc.