Tim is shown with President Don Ellis after Tim's presentation on August 22nd - Tim signed the children's book that will go to the library at one of the MISD elementary schools. Tim gave an autobiographical vocational talk, then shared with us about his annual mission trip to Honduras.
After Tim shared some of his personal information, like how he came to work for State Farm and meet his wife Tami, we'd asked him to share about his trip to Honduras.
Tim did make up at the Rotary Club of La Paz, Honduras, and brought back their banner. He shared some things about their meeting place and the physical set up. That club has some involvement with the dental and vision missions that Tim and his sons have helped to support over the last several years.
We hope to have one of the representatives of this Honduras mission come and speak to us sometime soon. It may be a special service project that our Rotary Club and The Rotary Foundation can help support monetarily and physically.