Brandon and Clay presented our program on June 18th. They talked some about their personal lives and what they're doing for a living now - this is part of the vocational talks that Rotary encourages under Vocational Service, the Second Avenue of Rotary.  But the majority of their presentation was about a trip they took together to Argentina to hunt and shoot dove.
There was a fundraiser and an auction, and the dove hunt was bid on successfully - I think by Clay. Clay and Brandon like to do some hunting and fishing together, so it was natural for the invite to happen. 
They told about the process of hunting dove in Argentina and showed a short video clip. Dove hunting is encouraged there because there are too many of these birds and they stress their environment, so need to be thinned out. After the dove hunting, they got to fish on or near the Parana River and enjoyed that also. They showed a clip of Clay's enthusiasm while fishing.